I Find Makeup to be an excellent form of expression Shruti Sharma

Hi Shruti, Welcome to IndShare, please tell us few words about you

How long have you been doing makeup, and how did you get started?

I think for as long as I can remember, I have just been obsessed with makeup. I would secretly play with my mom’s makeup during her afternoon naps and try out all sorts of things on myself and on my sister! I was working in PR at the time when I decided to quit my job and try to develop a career in makeup instead. It was extremely unnerving but I had to have tried it at least once than regretting all my life. I started doing makeup initially for family members and friends until I started getting calls from others who wanted to ‘hire’ me.

What do you love the most about doing makeup?

I find makeup to be an excellent form of expression. You can express who you are, what you feel and choose what you want others to see in you. I find this ability of makeup to be a beautiful thing.

Did you take any training?

I am self taught.

Where do you work? And the locations you can cover for your projects?

My studio is in Chattarpur, New Delhi. I operate out of there mostly or travel to whichever location the brides would like me to come to.

Do you have an assistant to support (or work as a Team) in Bridal Makeups?

I have a full-fledged team of makeup artists, hairstylists and assistant who contribute towards the making of a beautiful bride and ensure she gets exceptional service on the best day of her life.

What is the most challenging part of your career?

It would have to be the routines that we follow during the season time. There is no set time to wake up or to sleep. Every day is different and you have to be on top of your health to manage those kinds of schedules.

What are the current makeup trends in India? What do you think of the Big Fat Indian weddings?

This year we are spending a lot of time creating beautiful faces with either a dewy look or a more chic, very well contoured look. Either way it is a really good time to see the brides this year as each one comes out looking more fabulous with sculpted faces and beautifully defined eyes! The trends reflect a hint of luxury in a cultivated mess, an excellent trend for brides to follow. Besides, a bride with immaculate skin, mysterious eyes and luscious lips will be a joy for everyone to see!

Big fat weddings are just getting bigger each year and the plethora of colors and trends are really inspiring.

How has Bridal make-up changed in the recent years, what’s your opinion?

For one there is a whole lot of attention given to it. Brides now like to decide a look for themselves beforehand based on the kind of outfit and jewelry they have planned. The makeup not only has to be on point but must also be personalized to suit each face and even the personality of the bride to accentuate her beauty to its fullest.

Do you offer any training programs or services for newbie artists?

We do training and internship programs for new artists and involve the best of them with our team.

Can you tell us the true basis of your inspiration?

I see beauty all around me. Every bride I meet, I find myself working towards bringing out the best of her personality traits for the world to see, through the makeup. Whether it is a shy, demure bride or a spunky, glamorous one, there is something so exceptional about each one that I would like everyone else to see.

Other than a Makeup Artist, tell us about yourself?

I am a very calm and compartmentalized person. I have to be 😉

Something you’re still learning?

Managing the ever so dynamic nature of the business that I am in. It is always evolving, keeping me on my toes. Whether it is new trends in makeup, or newer better products or a different way to do something old. The learning never ends.

Do you offer beauty tips or DIY makeup guides online?

I do offer tips on my page on Facebook and being extremely camera shy, I am currently working (very hard) on short video tutorials that will be released soon J

Share some essential makeup or skincare items every woman should have with her?

This might be something that has been said before, but I cannot emphasize enough on the importance of a good sunscreen! One could even carry a BB cream with a broad-spectrum sunscreen in it. Other than that it is nice to have a gel eyeliner, mascara and tinted lip and cheek stain.

What you love to do in your free time?

I love to read, spend time with my family and friends and sleep a lot whenever I can!

What are the advices you give for those interested in Beauty Industry?

I see a lot of excellent makeup artists coming in each year. It might look glamourous from the outside but this industry requires a whole lot of hard work (physical and mental) without great rewards initially. I understand that can be very demotivating initially but if you don’t shy away from the hard work and stay dedicated towards your goal, no one can stop you from being successful.

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