Meet Fashion Celebrity With Passion Chaitanya Gokhale

Meet fashion celebrity with Passion – Chaitanya Gokhale

he came , he saw , HE struggled , finally he conquered & set his own benchmark .lets read about chaitanya gohkhale in his own words

Tell us about yourself 

A commerce Student, A Course in Hotel Management, Dreams of getting into the Airlines, A Crash Course in Fashion Designing- all left midway probably due to lack of Ambition then. But when the Fashion Bug bit me, I knew it! This is it! From a timid Shy Boy in College to a Successful Fashion Show Director, Fashion Choreographer, Grooming Expert, Pageant Coach, Celebrity Stylist and a Fearless Role Model my Real Journey has now begun!

What made you take fashion more seriously and make a career out of it?

In 2000 when I was kicked out of Hotel Management College I took up a job with Pizza Hut and also got in touch with an Event Manger through a friend. My Job was to stick Posters and distribute Flyers for his Events. One such Show where I was working as an assistant we had a Photo Shoot with a leading Photographer for a renowned Editorial. Call it Fate but the only Male Model backed out. Since I was tall enough the Team insisted I pose since we could not get another Model at such short notice. And since I agreed after a million requests I was also made to walk for the Show! One Show led to the other and so on.

2 years as a Model and one fine day fate knocked on my door once again.

For a launch of a Grand Show the Choreographer couldn’t make it due to her personal reasons.
And for some reason the Organiser asked me to Choreograph the Fashion Show. With a little experience as a Model I did the best I could. And that was it! I knew I had finally found my career! To be the greatest Fashion Show Director!

And of course I always had and always will have the strongest support from my Family.

How are you with recent fashion trends on social media?

Social Media is one of the Strongest Marketing Platforms especially for the Fashion Industry. But my advice to the new kids on the block- ” Internet and Social Media is not Everything!
Experience, Knowledge and Self Creativity is what sets you apart! Trends on Social Media is like a spoon full of food. Someone can make it for you, serve and feed you. But it’s up to you how and if you want to swallow it! Create your own Style. Take Chances! Life is a Competition, don’t be Monotonous! Be Different!

Which assignment in your portfolio are you most proud of?

11th February 2011!
When I got a chance to be the Official Fashion Choreographer for the Bryan Adams Concert in Pune! And the ones who know me, they know I’ve been the biggest Bryan Adams fan since 1994! And when I got a call to actually do a Show with him, I’m still speechless! I can proudly say I’m the only Fashion Choreographer in India or probably in the World who has done a Fashion Show for the legendary Bryan Adams!

30th Dec 2013, Mumbai, when I was the official Fashion Show Director, Grooming Expert and Pageant Coach for the Miss India Deaf and Mute! 2 days is all I had but the final show was beyond phenomenal! It was impossible to believe that all the 20 Contestants from all across India were Hearing Impaired. But they performed better than most of the Models I’ve ever worked with!

21st December 2014, Pune- The 1st ever International Bubble Carnival!

It was one of the best experiences to Choreograph the Fashion Show for 16 World famous Bubble Artists. This Event was the first ever! And it’s an honour to have been the Official Fashion Show Director for it!

“So, what do you do for fun?”

When I’m not working I’m usually at home Sleeping!

Spending time with my Family, pampering my Dog, Tango, hogging on amazing Food and Home Made Chocolates!

House Parties with my Inner Circle!


Catching up on Movies.

And recently I’ve took a liking for the Gym. And I’m absolutely enjoying the New Me.

What steps do you follow to study a problem before making a decision?

I have always taken Chances. And I always follow my gut feeling! At times in my Show or Shoots if there is any last minute problem I always go with my inner gut feeling! And it has always worked in my favour! I usually do not take advises from others as they say, too many cooks spoil the broth!

How is your work received internationally?

After being a part of the Bryan Adams Concert, my career did take a good turn. I have not yet officially done any Shows Internationally but yes offers have poured in!
Have also received a lot of offers as a Stylist for International Shoots.
Few things are in the pipe line. Once they materialise I will proudly announce it to the whole world!
I have also been mentioned, interviewed and featured in a few International Blogs post the Bubble Carnival.

What is the biggest lesson that you have learned since you started your own?

There is no greater support than your own Family. Never discuss Work with anyone until it is done!
Let your Work speak for itself. This Industry has a lot of Fake people too. The same people who Stop Talking to you Start Talking about you! In the end it is you and you alone who can make you Grow!

What would you like to achieve before the end of the year?

A Big Fat Pay Cheque! 31st December can be quite expensive! *evil grin*

Share your experience about grooming kids in”Gujarat Kids fashion week”

It was a beautiful experience!

Training and Grooming 240 girls(age 3 to 12) for 21 different Sequences was a Challenge!
And at the end of the journey when you get a thunderous applause and a standing ovation you know you have done it!

And the best part of the 14 days- The Food and Love showered by all.
Not just by the Organisers or the Parents but even the kids would gift me a Rose or a Chocolate or a hand made Greeting Card every day.

That feeling was Priceless!

What was the challenges while working on”Solaris Mr & Ms fitness”?

It was one of the most creative and different Shows I’ve worked on.

The entire Solaris Team became like a Family and trusted my sensibilities to the fullest!
And being a very Dramatic Choreographer, i avoided the usual sequence and rather had the Contestants do Cardio, Cycling, Yoga and even Push Ups on Stage in my Choreography.
It was the real Fitness Show in every sense.

There are about of rumors about this industry .still lot of youngsters want to be part of this fashion world. What you will recommend for them?

A Selfie or a Like on Social Media does not make you a Fashion Choreographer or a Model or a Photographer!

It is Shocking to see the number of people claiming to be Grooming Experts and conducting workshops where in they themselves have zero experience of this Industry!

These youngsters fall prey to such cults and end up learning nothing and spending everything!
To all the youngsters who approach me I have always told them, experience is the best Teacher!
Attend Shows, do your research, follow the right people and trust me you will Learn!

There is absolutely no need to spend your parents money on something that is absolutely worthless!
Do not get smitten by the glamour bug unless you know the tricks and trades of the Industry. The whole new trend in Pune set by a few bunch of idiots where in the Models have to Pay to the walk the Ramp is so unfair and disgusting! I think it’s ridiculous and a shame to the Industry! And so many kids have fallen for this trick!

My advice to all

Know the right people and do the right things. Do a Research on people before you believe in random Social Media posts! Learn to say No! Follow your heart, groom your self, workout to be in good shape, be confident, get a small but a good portfolio and trust me, if you are worth it, work will come your way! And the most important advice! Always stay grounded and never forget your roots!  There’s a thin line between Attitude and Arrogance and it won’t take any time at all to either Make your Career or Break your Career!

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