SO 9001:2000 certification specifies quality management system within the organization. ABSL has demonstrated its ability to consistently provide products that meet or exceed customer expectations and adhere to applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

ABSL (Aryabhatta Solutions Limited), the software development and consultancy services is a subsidiary of Sanali group.

Sanali Group, a well reputed company is managed by Mr. Noor Haq, a dedicated and ambitious entrepreneur. Recognizing his valuable contribution in rationalization of construction, he is now the Vice President of Andhra Pradesh Builders Association. Due to his significant impact in this field, the Govt. of India honoured him with awards like

”Gem of India Award”,“Rashtriya Gaurav Award”,“Udyog Pratibha Award”,“International Status Award”,“International Trade Promotion Award”,“Rashtriya Nirman Ratan Award”.

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